Life was uncertain for me when I came to  I had been married to my soul mate and best friend for 32 years.  We had a great life. We were enjoying early retirement and were ready to do mission work in developing countries.  Our life was good, our future secure.  Only it wasn’t.  Our future included cancer, treatment, and ultimately death.

Looking back, I realize that I didn’t dream about my life.  My husband had big enough dreams for both of us, and our life was filled with love and adventure.  When he died too soon, I realized I had no idea how to live, much less dream.

I slowly worked through the process of grieving and was beginning to be comfortable alone, but my sedentary life seemed to have no purpose, and my identity was still wrapped up in being a wife with no husband, half of a whole, not my own person.

In the summer of 2014, I began to do some soul searching and spiritual renewal.  I also signed up for Small Group Coaching.  I had followed Drew’s Saturday strategies and tried juicing, but realized I needed accountability, connection and help if I was really going to change my body.

What a ride this has been! Two weeks into level 1, I became hooked on the lifestyle.  I lost weight, but the real transformation happened in the clearing of my mind, the quality of my sleep and energy level.  I felt alive and joyful for the first time in years! I recall sharing with my coach that I would be there until they kicked me out!  I felt compelled to be part of the mission, helping others transform and experience life as they intended.

Thankfully, I didn’t get kicked out and was able to study, train and get certified to be a transformation coach.  I have lost over 60 pounds! I love my life and the opportunity to work side by side with my clients.  It truly is a remarkable journey!